7 Core Strength Exercises to Improve Performance and Develop your Abs

These lesser known exercises will help you to build an indestructible core, abs and better movement patterns. In turn this will improve your performances in the Box and on the competition floor.

7. Single Arm DB Overhead Split Squat

The single leg variations are endless. It should keep you busy for a couple months. On the heels of our single Arm Overhead Squat from two days ago, this movement will be a little more accessible for many. The Flexibility to hit this position is significantly less than the double leg squat version. 

Ensure you Body tracks straight up and straight down. 

6. Weight Hollow Hold Scissor Kicks

Controlling a variety of different lower body movement patterns while maintaining a hollow body position requires practice.

We have shown drills before where we attempt to hold isometrics in the core and upper body while moving the lower body through patterns like flutter kicks and wipers. These scissor kicks are yet another pattern that can help grow your motor control in the hips all on top of a stable midline and a solid core workout. 

5. Feet Elevated Ring Plank

Strong core and healthy shoulders are a difference maker in the fitness game. Do not underestimate the power of static bridges, planks, and their variations. A lot can be said for having positions like these in your strength and conditioning program year round. 

4. Tall to Half Kneeling Get Ups With Ball

Tall to half kneeling get ups with an 18″ 100# Ball. These are a great oblique and leg exercise. Try this interesting variation from Sam Dancer.

Tall to half kneeling get ups with the @xdfitofficial 18" 100# these are a great oblique and leg exercise.

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3. Overhead Hold from Tia-Clair Toomey

A great overhead hold to stabilise and strengthen your midline from The Fittest Woman in The World.

2. Punishing Workout from Sam Dancer

This 60 minute AMRAP will test the muscular endurance of your midline, core and entire body as the sheer volume of work takes its toll over time. 

1. Coordination and Movement Drill with Tia and James Newbury

This is a good way to keep your training varied and add some new motor patterns to keep your body guessing. 

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