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Working with us gives you not only the first-mover advantage by putting your brand in front of the right stories and the right consumers. Your message will be also presented better, clearer and in a more aesthetic way than on any other platform in this market.

Made for the digital generation, BOXROX uses informative, fast and fun storytelling to cover the latest news from the global community. With brand-friendly content and conversion rates above and beyond the industry standards, our data-driven platform is engineered to give you optimal results.

Brands can align their marketing strategy with sponsorships, social media, newsletter and display advertising as well as premium content produced by our highly skilled editorial team.

BOXROX reaches a unique global audience

#1 for news in the global scene
5M monthly pageviews
185 countries read BOXROX
1M+ unique content visitors
530K Facebook fans (10M monthly reach)
70% read BOXROX on mobile

Target group

BOXROX' core readers, 20-40 years-old and with a large female share of 40%, are defined by curiosity, a lively exchange and high engagement. Which means when you put your brand in front of our community, it’s well received. You get them in a proactive mindset, making them likely to react because that’s exactly why they’ve come to BOXROX.

These men and women embrace and follow an active and healthy lifestyle and take part in a variety of different fitness activities with a strong concern for a healthy personal lifestyle. CrossFit® has become a part of their daily life, which motivates them to search for relevant information 24/7. High levels of education provide them with a solid base knowledge for the important role of fitness within their individual lives.

This is coupled with a conscience that motivates them to invest in their own health. This target group has a high income level, they love top quality products and invest up to 200€ monthly in sport and lifestyle related products.

Our readers turn to BOXROX for guidance when making purchase decisions on fitness-related products and services. That makes our magazine the perfect place for your brand to be.

How to interact with our audience?

We offer the latest custom ad tech solutions, helping your brand connect with our readers — across all platforms and screens — to raise awareness, generate leads, or meet your unique needs.

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Our clients

What our clients say:

Our team works with companies of all sizes to create experiences that drive engagement. Here are a few examples of what they've accomplished.

Rehband loves working with curious and professional partners and our friends at BOXROX Magazine are a perfect examples of that. Not only are they fun and easy to work with, they are also impressively engaged and proactive in their and our mission and in how we can benefi t from each other. They share insights and expertise and make sure that we as a partner get the maximum out of our collaboration.

Celine Flach Global Marketing Manager

Our company was the main sponsor of BOXROX in 2014. Sponsoring them was a major part of our strategy to become the most popular supplement within the Crossfi t scene. We had a great experience working with the management and editorial team, as they were always up to date with the scene on all levels, and were able to execute our wishes eff ectively within their publications. We were pleased to be able to support this aspiring magazine and I can highly recommend working with them to ensure a powerful kick-start into the Crossfi t market.

Micky Weis Former Marketing Strategist

We are working with the team at BOXROX for several years and are happy to be a part of their success story. What I personally appreciate most about working with them, is that they always strive to deliver the best possible results for their clients - they are experts in what they do, they are always at the forefront of new developments and they are open to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Communicating with them is easy and efficient, as they are very professional and highly valued business partners. I can recommend them as a platform for brands and businesses striving to increase brand awareness within the functional fitness market. We had great results through our sponsorship with BOXROX so far.

Nicolas Vogel CEO

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