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3 Alternative Types of WODs to Bring More Variety into your Crossfit Training

Crossfit is all about variety. But from time to time it can get kind of boring to do only EMOMs or AMRAPs. As Crossfit is also about doing new things, you can add little changes to your daily routine and get yourself prepared for the unprepared.

To add some variety in your daily WODs, try these formats and types of workouts.


By adding reps round for round your WODs will get harder and harder…and harder. A mental test of no mercy

Try for example

For max rounds
2x Clean and jerk (135lbs/90lbs- 60kg/40kg)
2x Toes to bar
Add 2 reps per movement each successive round
15 minute time cap


For max rounds
6x… Overhead squat (95lbs/65lbs- 45kg/30kg)
6x… Chest-to-bar pull-ups
You have 3 minutes per round

Add 2 reps per round until you can no longer perform the requisite number of reps within 3 min

crossfit wods jerk lift

Jerks are easier without a shirt. Fact.

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Have you ever done a Strongman Workout?
Given that you or your Box have the materials and equipment available, try this:

Strongman Documentaries Iceland and Scotland

Pure Strength

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For Time

  • 3 Rounds
  • 50ft Bear Crawl Sled Drags
  • 50ft Farmers Walk
  • 50ft Tire Flips
  • Scale as needed

WOD 3 – MOMO (Minute On Minute Off)

Best to do these in Teams, you work a full minute and rest the rest whilst your partner exercises.

For example


  • 30ft Plate Overhead Walking Lunges
  • 5 Burpees on Plate
  • Max Ground to Overhead
  • Count GtO reps for final score
  • While you pause, your Teammate works
Crossfit WODs burpees

Everybody loves Burpees

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