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AMRAP CrossFit Workouts to Create Powerful Mental and Physical Conditioning (RX, Beginner and Scaled Versions)

Ever tried the Spartan Warrior, 21 Guns or Mikko's Triangle? Time to get brutal with these tough AMRAP WODs.


This is a benchmark WOD created for ‘The System’ by CrossFit Games winner Mikko Salo.

  • EMOM in 39 minutes
  • 1 minute Row
  • 1 minute SkiErg
  • 1 minute Assault Bike
  • 1 minute Rest
  • Set a single number of calories and complete that amount of work each minute – every minute.

Set a target number of calories and complete that number of calories each minute through the entire workout (39 minutes not counting the last 1-minute rest). A common target for Rx-level athletes is 20 calories per minute for each station.

AMRAP CrossFit Workouts

Mikko Salo Squat: 7×3 at 180kg

Score is the total number of calories completed (for example, if athlete does 20 calories per minute, they will complete 600 total calories for the entire workout).


Reduce the number of calories per minute to a number which will be challenging to hold each minute for the entire workout.

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