Regionals Athlete Andrea Barbotti Responds to 4 Year Drug Ban From CrossFit Inc

Italian Regionals Athlete Andrea Barbotti talks about the situation.

Words by Andrea Barbotti.

“Just few things add to the photo, there has been intense weeks of mail exchange with CrossFit.
I appreciate zero tolerance, surely it ‘s the only modus operandi admirable. If in doubt, however give a sanction, is the method to avoid elusive strategies.

Personally I think it’s ok, I started new project 3 month ago, athlete or trainer, not both. I ended up hiring in June and was worth it, despite the disqualification I’d do it again. I think there are priorities in life and health is at first place. The only 3 people who should be informed about that, already knew it. Finally this story has been ended.

I just want to say two things, constructive and absolutely not controversial, because performance or not, in any case I was wrong. And every man should accept his responsibilities.

Despite I had the right stuff for present a TUE and I pay for my negligence, I would like to point out how far is our sport from most doctors in Italy, how much they think it’s all a joke. For example, after I contracted respiratory problems in April, a pneumologist prescribed me 4 drugs, 2 of that contained substances present in the banned list, although I had explained to him the situation. The second thing I would say, always for constructive purpose, is that people who have failed the test in the past 2 years, many of them disqualified for taking contaminated supplements and any other for drugs that probably could be used in PCT, but perhaps not surely… Taken alone, they can’t boost performance.

Less than half for steroids or substances that can really improve performance. On the other hand, On-Competition tests are easy to circumvent, just know the time detection.

The positive notes are that I’m going being include on the pool list to be tested out-of-competition whenever and wherever. *that issue is closed – CHIEDO SCUSA A TUTTI. 
Non chiedetemi nulla perché l’argomento è chiuso ed ho spiegato tutto qui*”

Read the full statement from CrossFit here:

5 Regionals Athletes Test Positive for PEDs and Receive 4 Year Bans!


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