4 Unique Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises You Need to Do Now (6 Pack Tips)

Optimise your core strength.

Check out these anti rotational core and abs exercises that will help you build a solid six pack and attack your core in brand new ways.

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Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises

“What makes these anti-rotational exercises such great core exercise is that it forces you to brace your core and glutes to stabilize and resist rotation. And if you didn’t know, the primary function of the core is to resist rotation, flexion, and extension, not to initiate those movements.”

Core Strength Workouts

“When most people go to execute their “core strength workouts”, they tend to focus on nothing more than the all-too-common movements of simple crunches and leg raises. While these exercises do have their place in a complete core routine, the truth is that your core actually extends way beyond these surface level muscles.”

Improve Core Strength

“If you really want to improve core strength as effectively as possible, some of the best exercises you can include in your program are anti-rotational holds. These isometric exercises are some of the very best core strengthening exercises out there since it trains your core muscles based on their true function, which is to act as a stabilizing centre.”

Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises – Technique

“Proper technique and form is very simple. Just grab a resistance band (or cable on a cable machine) and keep the arms out at chest height… take a couple steps out to the side… and then press the band (or cable) straight out in front of your body while resisting rotation.”

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“Hold these positions for :15 -:30 seconds at a time and then move to the other side. 3-4 sets is adequate enough to really see great improvements in your core.”

  • Standing Band Hold
  • Kneeling Band Hold
  • Squat Hold to Press
  • Supine Band Hold

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Muscles of the abs and core

The three main muscles of the abdominals and core are the rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis.

You can build these muscles by doing any kind of exercise that activates and works the core.

Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises – Rectus abdominis

The rectus abdominis, the muscle that runs down the centre of your body, is the main muscle used in situps.

The most visible part of this muscle when you look at your stomach is called the “six pack”. This muscle contracts when you do a crunch.

Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises – Obliques

The obliques, which run diagonally from the sides of your torso to your spine, are responsible for twisting and rotating your torso.

When you have strong obliques, you can lift heavier objects with more ease than someone who doesn’t have strong obliques.

You can target your oblique muscles with exercises like planks or side twists on an exercise ball.

Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises – Transverse abdominis

The transverse abdominis is a flat, thin muscle that wraps around the body to help stabilize the spine. It also compresses the abdominal contents when you inhale, helping to create a more rigid core.

Crunches strengthen your rectus abdominis, but they don’t activate your transverse abdominis as much as they could. To engage your outermost abs, try this exercise:

Workout routines that target these muscles will tone your stomach.

You can work out your core muscles by doing squats, compound exercises, crunches, planks, sit-ups and many other movements.

Conclusion – Anti Rotational Core and Abs Exercises

Hopefully you’ve gained a better understanding of the muscles that make up your abs, and you can use this information to improve your workout routine.

Remember, it’s not just about looking good on the outside! Good health comes from the inside out and includes healthy eating habits, exercise routines that target specific muscle groups like these ones do (and others!), and even adequate sleep time.

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