Arm Workouts – 10 Exercises to Build Strength, Size and Muscle

Arm workouts – As a rough rule, arms are split in 2/3 triceps and 1/3 biceps. Both need to be trained to achieve balanced and strong arms that are effective for performance. Check these 10 exercises out:


The legless rope climb builds much more than just arm strength. They build solid upper body, core and grip strength as well as improve balance and coordination. Another useful benefit is that they will improve your self confidence in your own ability, because you are climbing higher and higher, and this puts pressure on you and your body to perform. If you fail a bicep curl then the weight doesn’t reach the full range of motion – not a big deal. If you fail a legless rope climb then the consequences can be a bit more painful. This is a good thing, as it will force you to perform when the pressure is on.

Here is CrossFit legend Mat Chan to demonstrate for you. 


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