Astonishing bottom Squat with 220kg

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The final word behind Chinese weightlifting philosophy is “stable.” Stability helps guarantee a lift, conserve energy, and reduce the risk of injury. One way to train this is to build strength in your catch positions. Here we see our friend #LuXiaojun (77kg) work on this by squatting 220kg from the bottom. This particular method works for squat jerking but one could use back or front squats at various heights to emphasize their catch positions. So if you don’t feel comfortable, strong, or balanced in your catch, spend more time there to build those qualities. We now carry Chinese knee sleeves which you can buy at our store or at our upcoming seminars on Nov 26 in Perugia Italy @CrossFit_ perugia or Dec 3 in Bradenton FL @suncoaststrength! #mastrength #mastrengthyourstrength #Chineseweightlifting #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #pesistica #strappo #slancio #snatch #cleanandjerk

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