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I am a 40 yr old mother first and foremost, however i live and breathe CrossFit and CrossFit Worcestershire. I started training when i was just 13yr's old and lied about my age to take part in an exercise class at a local leisure centre. I left school with absolutely no qualifications as i was not interested in academia in any shape or form. After the usual gym background, teaching ETM and personal training etc etc i started competing in half marathons and tri-athalon's. I completely fell out of love with training by the age of 33 and decided to go back to University as a mature student. I continued to teach and work full time while continuing with my degree. I then graduated as a sports therapist, started my own business, quickly stumbling upon CrossFit 3 years ago and since then i have never once looked back. I have never felt so happy, challenged and excited about learning, training and coaching. CrossFit is constantly varied and this is the way i love to live my life as a whole.

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