Active Mind Consultancy

Jen and Ash are both qualified clinical psychologists with expertise in understanding the psychology of behaviour change in relation to health and well-being. They are passionate about helping people to make positive changes to their lifestyles, particularly in relation to their weight and eating habits and, having both been members of Reebok CrossFit Tyneside, see CrossFit as a great advocate for supporting people to make these changes. They run workshops and seminars as 'Active Mind Consultancy', promoting emotional wellbeing by providing an evidence-based, practical and accessible approach to support people to make positive health and lifestyle changes.


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Latest articles

Learn How to Eat Mindfully and Change your Bad Habits

Mindful eating can help us to address our relationship with food and make lasting changes to our eating habits.

Addressing Why We Eat: It’s More Than Just Hunger

We do not always eat because our body needs it. Every day we absorb millions of impulses and emotions which actually make us eat.
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