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Kat Cassidy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology and is a mum of three, type 1 diabetic and trainer at CrossFit Berserk in Belfast. Specialising in training kids and teens in CrossFit she is passionate about fitness for youth. She takes classes across different boxes in Northern Ireland and teaches over 70 kids in a week. This year, in April, will see the first Kids inspired community WOD event being held at CrossFit Berserk where swill ost the largest kids WOD for local charity Cancer Fund for Children. Her goals are to increase the awareness of CrossFit Kids and the awesome benefits it provides. All her programming is age specific, fun and she states that the progress in kids and teens is really cool to witness. Her biggest accomplishment to date was going into a local primary school and teaching 570 kids in their 'Fitness is Fun' campaign.

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