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RXd photography specializes in CrossFit and action sports events in the South East and beyond. I have been a CrossFitter and sports enthusiast for many years now and have a thorough understanding of what it takes to create a great photo, what composition provides the most drama and how to capture the most important moments at your event in my own distinct style.Having taken part in many of the events that I cover I can relate to just what it is the athletes are going through and at what point the shutter will need to click to freeze that moment of unadulterated effort in time. The result is an energy in my photos that can really be felt by the viewer. I believe that my passion for searching out this moment comes through in my shots.As well as action shots of the competitors themselves I also feel its important to capture the feeling of the event through background shots of the surroundings, candid shots of the spectators and to really bring to life the atmosphere for those viewing the photos. Your event isn’t just about who takes part. It’s about the melting pot of ingredients that go to make up the feeling and unique quality of the day. You want it all to be remembered and to be reflected in the photos and that’s exactly what you can count on getting.

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