Awesome Action Shots to Celebrate the Strength, Power and Beauty of Female CrossFit Athletes


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“Culture has conditioned us to believe that us women are in a constant competition with each other. That one’s success is taking away from another. That the “room at the top” or a seat on the board is “the seat” & the only one available.

Reality is: a rising tide lifts all ship. We are BETTER TOGETHER, one woman’s success is there to INSPIRE & prove possible to anothers, when it is hard we are here to support one another. There is space for us all to succeed. Another success takes NOTHING away from your progression.

It’s easy to get envious, frustrated or even angry at someone when they accomplish something you want. Turn that emotion into belief that YOU TOO CAN, celebrate with her & let it inspire you. The more us women succeed, the better we all will become.

THANKFUL for all the amazing women I have surrounding me ?❤️

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