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How to Build Incredible Back Strength and Muscle WITHOUT PULL UPS!

Build a powerful back without a pull up bar.

Learn how to build back strength and muscle without pull ups.

Jeff Cavaliere explains…

How to Build Back Strength and Muscle Without Pull Ups

“Bodyweight back workouts are not very common, at least not those that don’t require a pullup bar.  The reason for this is due to the misconception that people have that you can’t build muscle in your back without using heavy weights.  That is simply not true.  In this video, I show you how to hit your upper back, middle back and lower back with three bodyweight back exercises that can be combined into one killer home back workout.”

man performs crossfit pull-ups with weight vest Back Strength and Muscle Without Pull UpsSource: Stevie D Photography

Back Strength and Muscle Without Pull Ups – Maximise Contractions

“Like any muscle group, you want to be sure that you maximize the contraction of the muscle you are trying to work to get it to grow.  In the case of the back muscles, many people will rely on momentum instead of muscle to move the weight.  We tend to heave the weights up and not muscle the weights up on most back exercise reps.  That understood, we often times can see a great acceleration of gains when we switch to back exercises that are done with our own bodyweight since we can control them much better and ensure a proper contraction.”

1. Back Strength and Muscle Without Pull Ups – Back Widow

“Here we cover three main areas of your back and combine them into one workout.  First we target the upper back including the traps, rhomboids and posterior delts.  We can target this area of our back using an exercise we call the Back Widow.  This upper back exercise is a bodyweight back killer that allows for a self spot if needed by incorporating a bit more push from the feet on the floor.  If you don’t need the help however, you want to maintain a push through the elbows to power your back off the floor and help build your upper back muscles.”

2. Floor Pullover

“Next, we target the middle back and primarily the lats by performing the full body drag or floor pullover.  This awesome bodyweight back exercise can help you to build a wider back by working on the lat sweep and width through the pulldown position.  To make this incredibly difficult, try to stay on your toes as you extend out to the start position and remain on your toes as you pulldown.  If you need a slightly easier version, allow your knees and shins to drag on the ground for the first one third of the move and lift them when you have the strength to lift.”

3. Reverse Superman

“Finally, we hit the lower back with the reverse superman lift exercise.  Your rotator cuff muscles also get in on the action by contributing external rotation to the movement as you lift.  Aim for a solid two to three second contraction on each rep if you can to really work the strength and stamina of the lower back muscles.”

Video – Back Strength and Muscle Without Pull Ups

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