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Barbell Arm Exercises to Build Muscle and Unstoppable Strength

Time to pack on some serious muscle and strength!


This exercise can be performed with both a supinated and pronated grip. It is an effective way to improve your forearm and grip strength, as well as being an excellent finisher to any workout.


Build grip, arm and full body strength with another variation of arm exercises.

  1. Use a heavy enough weight that will make it hard to hold for longer than 20-60 seconds.
  2. Weight will easily slip out of hands. Clench fists as tight as possible.
  3. Keep back tight and straight. And DO NOT let arms hang out of socket.
  • Step 1: Place barbell on the rack at hip level with a heavy weighted loaded on the bar.
  • Step 2: Grasp bar with an overhand grip with hands a few inches outside of thighs.
  • Step 3: With barbell in hand slightly bend knees and lift bar off rack and hold weight with arms hanging down. Let arms hang down, but do not let arms come out of their sockets.
  • Step 4: Keep fists tight around barbell and hold weight for as long as possible. re-rack barbell.

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