CrossFit Barbell workouts
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Barbell Warm Up Exercises – 7 Ways to Improve Every Weightlifting Workout

Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson: "If your warm up is sh*t then your workout will be sh*t."

Barbell warm up exercises – All effective lifting requires intelligent warm up routines. These will prepare you for the training ahead, elevate your heart rate and put you in the best place possible to hit your workout with precision and vigour.

  • An ideal warm up needs to be specific to the actual exercises that you will be performing in the workout or competition
  • It should be time efficient
  • It should have a general and skill specific portion
  • Warm up routines need to establish an optimum body temperature


This is a Crossfit adaption of one of the classic Burgener barbell warm up routines.

Have you tried this classic before?

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