Barni Bojte Takes CrossFit Back to Basics – 3 Great Workouts from the Open!

Remember this guy? Barni lives in rural Romania, builds his own equipment and works like a trojan to achieve his dream of making it to Regionals. Time to get back to the old school roots of Crossfit!

Sometimes it’s easy to be dazzled by the bright lights of the CrossFit Games, the phenomenal performances of the pro athletes and the huge financial prizes. Often it draws attention away from the everyday Crossfitters all around the world that compete for the love of fitness, the community and the simple decision to become the best version of themselves. Barni Bojte is a perfect example of a Crossfitter that gets back to the old school roots of Crossfit. He lives in rural Romania, builds a lot of his own equipment (check out the pull up bar) and instead of moaning because he can’t use the latest barbell on the market or custom made grips, he simply gets involved and makes it happen. This guy encapsulates the spirit of Crossfit, and we at BOXROX are excited to follow his performances this year in the Open. Best of luck Barni!

Check out 3 of his awesome Open workouts from last year




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