Fears And Worries

Feeling a Bit Nervous About Starting?

CrossFit™ can feel very daunting at first. The thought of walking into a new place to train with strangers can feel very intimidating. Often, we fear things because they are unknown to us. The more we learn about a subject, the more we come to understand and fear it less.

This section of the Beginners Guide will answer any questions you may have that might be holding you back.

Do I Already Need to be Fit to Start CrossFit?

Scared that you aren't fit enough to start training yet? Here is why you don't need to worry any more. You can start CrossFit™ even if you have never even set foot in a gym in your life! Your coach will scale everything appropriately and find a way to make each movement and workout match and challenge your current ability level. How to get fitter

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How Strong Do I Need to Be to Start Crossfit?

Worried that you aren't strong enough to start CrossFit? Here is why you don't need to be anxious. When you start, there is no requirement that you will need to meet. You simply begin in the shape that you are currently in. If you are strong already then you will learn how to perform the lifts properly. However, if you have no strength whatsoever, you will work your way up to the heavier weights gradually. How to get stronger

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Will I get Hurt Doing CrossFit?

Worried about getting hurt? Here is why you shouldn't be. There is a false idea that CrossFit™ leads to injury, but with a good coach that insists on quality form and the right training then there is no reason for this to happen at all. In fact the reverse is true, it leads to improved fitness, health and well-being. Find out why the spurious negative ideas that are sometimes attached to CrossFit™ are simply untrue. The truth about injuries in the sport

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The 10 Biggest Crossfit Myths and Why they aren’t True

From making women 'bulky', only caring about competition and a complete disregard for form, there are numerous preconceptions about CrossFit™ that are simply not true. Here is a guide to help you demystify those ideas and explain what is really happening in the Boxes around the world. This will allow you to get more accurate information, away from the hearsay, and form your own opinions. Get a more truthful perspective

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