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Although it can be intimidating at first, learning the various new movements and exercises that go into CrossFit™ is a tremendously rewarding experience.

It will give you confidence, change your body, health and mindset in a positive way and show you that you are more capable that your previously realised. This will help you to burn fat, grow muscle, go for longer, get stronger alongside many other benefits. Don’t feel overwhelmed when you are first starting out. Your coaches will take good care of you and ensure that you are doing everything with the correct form.

Check out these articles to learn more about the training methodology of CrossFit™ so you know what to expect

10 Important Exercises for CrossFit Beginners to Learn

Check out some of the most important exercises that you will be learning on your fitness journey. From strength building variations such as squats and deadlifts through to Olympic Weightlifting and bodyweight and gymnastic movements like pull ups, these will all improve your ability and health in many different ways. Learn more exercises

Sara Sigmundsdottir and Brent Fikowski at CrossFit Games

The Different Areas of Crossfit That You Need to Develop

How progress works when it comes to CrossFit™. The sport of fitness involves parts of many other strength, endurance and gymnastic based sports so find out more about the different areas in which you will progress. Learn more about how you will develop


The Importance of The 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit

Good movement is such an important part of CrossFit™ and these foundations will set you up for success. These exercises progress from one to the other, becoming more complex as you progress. This allows your skills and strength to grow and develop over time, encouraging healthy movement, great posture and success in your workouts. Improve the way you move

workouts crossfit athlete squat clean barbell lift after injury

What is Scaling in CrossFit?

Scaling allows any athletes to complete the same workout, regardless of ability, simply by altering the weights and movements in order to produce the same level of intensity. Everybody who starts CrossFit™ begins with a different level of fitness. A big advantage of CrossFit™ is that everybody can join and scale their workout individually, so everybody is challenged but never over challenged. You can adjust the training to your level at the beginning and keep changing it as you process. Learn how to scale your workouts

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