Best Barbell Abs Exercises for a Six Pack

These exercises are safe for people with lower back pain.

It turns out the barbell is not only good for chest or arm exercises, but also for your core. These are the best barbell abs exercises for a six pack.

The exercises below are part of a list created by William Richards.

William Richards is the founder of Fitness 4 Back Pain, a website focused on exercises and mobility drills to help people who feel pain on and around their spine. Whether on his Instagram or YouTube videos, he usually focuses on back issues.

 Although his following video focuses on the best barbell abs exercises for a six pack, Richards swears that these exercises are friendly for people who have lower back pain. So you know there will be nothing like crunches.

Check it out.

Best Barbell Abs Exercises for a Six Pack

1. Straight-Arm Plank Row/Hold

  • Hold the position for 35-45 seconds on each side

Remember to brace your core while performing the movement. If you decide to do the row, keep your spine is neutral and that you are not over-rotating your body.

2. Barbell Roll Out

You can use the barbell to mimic the ab wheel, known for being one of the best exercises to hit your entire core.

Although this is arguably one of the best barbell abs exercises for a six pack, you need to make an adjustment if you have lower back issues. Simply wrap a resistance band around the barbell so it helps you rollback.

Source: Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

3. Barbell Leg Drop

This is a great exercise for your lower abs. If it is too difficult to do the leg drop, you can do mini-march which is simply touching the floor one foot at a time with legs bent.

4. Unbalanced Barbell Hold

  • Hold it for 35-45 seconds on each side

The closer the weight on one side of the barbell is to your hand the easier this exercise is. The fact that you are not flexing your spine, but rather maintain it straight, is how you work your obliques in this exercise.

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