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Best Triceps Exercises You Are Not Doing According to a Top Fitness Coach

You’ve probably never even seen some of these exercises.

Top fitness coach Jeff Cavaliere showed the 5 best triceps exercises you are not doing, but should.

Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist of the New York Mets for 3 years and is now a YouTube sensation. He delivers clear information without noise on his ATHLEAN-X YouTube channel.

If you are looking to increase the size of your arms, you should focus less on the biceps and more on the triceps. That is because the tricep is the biggest muscle on your arms and working it, only makes sense if you want to impress people with the size of your strength.

If you are crazy about bigger and stronger triceps, you are probably already doing overhead tricep extensions, cable pushdowns, or maybe even the close-grip bench press. But what if there are other ways you should be training your arms?

That is what Cavaliere is here to prove by showing you the 5 best triceps exercises you are not doing.

Best Triceps Exercises You Are Not Doing

1. PJR Pullover

This is similar to the close-grip bench press to overload your triceps. This version is with a heavy dumbbell and utilising a bench to set your body in the right way.

Although you will be stretching your lats, you should drive your arms up to extend your triceps and focus the tension on them.

2. Tricep Trunk Lift

This is a great option for training your triceps utilising only your bodyweight that is not a variation of a push-up.

The tricep trunk lift is part of the best triceps exercises you are not doing because it activates the long head of the triceps with only your body by extending the elbow and arm behind your body.

3. Rotational Tricep Pushdown

Doing normal tricep pushdown limits the tension to the medial-lateral head of your triceps. If you add a rotational movement to it, with arms tight to the body, you can target the long head which is the only muscle in your triceps that is responsible for bringing your arm behind your body.

Add that with a cable machine and you will be adding a punch size to your triceps.

best triceps exercises you are not doingSource: Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

4. Tricep Mechanical Drop Set

These are 3 exercises packed in one go utilising one pair of dumbbells. Begin by performing the lying tricep extension. After not being able to complete more reps, bring the dumbbell up above your body and perform a JM press, similar to the skull crushers.

Lastly, change the movement slightly to a close-grip elbows tucked bench press to target the triceps yet again.

5. JM Press Variation

This is a good exercise if you have pain issues with your shoulder when doing some tricep extension exercises. But this JM press variation would make you press the dumbbell not straight up, but above your headline, utilising gravity and creating even more tension for your triceps.

And those are the 5 best triceps exercises you are not doing, but probably should. How did you find them? Are you going to try them next time you hit the gym?

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