Best Workout to Hit All Abs Areas In Only 10 Minutes

Follow this video to carve out your abs.

Core strength is extremely important for anyone. Check out the best workout to hit all abs areas below.

The workout you will see below is only 10 minutes long and you can play the video and follow along. It is divided into four parts to hit all abs areas: lower abs, obliques, upper abs, inner abs and overall core strength.

There is no rest period between exercises, only between areas of the abs you will work on. When resting, you should stretch in between – the cobra pose from yoga is advisable.

It was created by Fraser Wilson, an Australia-based professional fitness trainer and a social media influencer. His YouTube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers and he often uploads workout videos without too much talking, just the information you need to get through it.

Check out the best workout to hit all abs areas. Be consistent, do this workout a couple of times per week, with one day of rest in between them, to see results.

Best Workout to Hit All Abs Areas

Best Workout to Hit All Abs Areas – Breakdown

Lower Abs

When it comes to working out your abs, many fitness trainers like to begin with the lower abs and Fraser Wilson is no different. Why? Because it is usually the weakest ab area people have and it is important to train it while you are still full of energy to get the best out of it.

Wilson does 30 seconds, back to back, of scissor leg raises, leg raise to hip up, reverse crunches, and flutter kicks.

Rest for 30 seconds after these exercises and remember to stretch – Fraser Wilson utilises the cobra pose during his rest and stretch phase.

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The obliques are also another ab area that many people tend to neglect. For this workout, you will do Russian twists, side oblique crunch (30 seconds on each side) and side plank rotations.

oblique exercisesSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Upper Abs

When you are beginning to get tired, you can then move up to the upper abs, the area everyone usually targets. Wilson goes through these exercises: L toe touches, V sit crunches, crunches, and explosive sit-ups.

Remember to keep a mind-muscle connection to get the most out of this workout.

Core and Inner Abs

To finalise the best workout to hit all abs areas you should do exercises that incorporate the entire core and hit your inner abs. For this part, you will do plank knee-ins, extended plank-ups, and stomach vacuums – this last one for a full minute, trying to hold the stomach in for as long as you can and then breathing out fully and squeezing your abs.

Are you going to try the best workout to hit all abs areas? You can do it at home, no equipment is required!

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