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New BOXROX Partnership with Puori offers Athletes Better Knowledge about Supplements

Puori, founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009 by Julius Heslet and Oliver Amdrup, and BOXROX magazine have agreed on a sponsorship agreement for the upcoming 13 months.

The founders of Puori, formerly known as Pure Pharma, had the desire to supplement their own active lifestyle with the very best in nutritional supplements which finally brought them together in a CrossFit gym 9 years ago. It all started out with a batch of fish oil, and the ambition to create a transparent, honest and quality-conscious supplement brand.

By using the global readership of BOXROX, Puori wants to educate people to make the right long-term decisions when using products to supplement their lifestyle and training. More than ever the use of clean, pure and effective products is important when training and taking part in competitions.


“We are teaming up with the #1 CrossFit and functional fitness magazine worldwide, BOXROX. Based on a mutual passion for transparency and quality whether it comes to dietary supplements or content we will aim to educate and enlighten our users and readers to make better long-term decisions. It all starts from a Pure Origin – Puori”

Oliver Amdrup, CEO and Founder at Puori

Their mission is clear: To be the best in offering pure, clean products that make a difference in people’s health and wellbeing. Puori provides natural based, top-quality products and aims at creating transparency and credibility towards their end-users.

“We know Oliver and his team at Puori for a very long time now and we look forward to this new and exciting partnership. I know that quality and purity are of utmost importance to them so it is not a surprise for me that the independent and non-profit Clean Label Project rated Puori’s PW1 Vanilla Pure Whey Protein in the #1 spot of what’s to believe maybe the largest study conducted on contaminants in some of America’s most popular protein powders.”

Clemens Limberg, Senior Account Manager at BOXROX Magazine

Puori exists for the ambitious people and athletes striving to take the purest path towards reaching their true natural potential and they want to bring this message also to the readers of BOXROX magazine.



Their business was founded in 2009 in Denmark. They believe that health is an ever-evolving journey centered around making quality decisions within the four cornerstones of a good life: a healthy diet, physical activity, recovery, and balance. They don’t sell quick fixes but help people understand their origin and show them how to achieve their natural potential. They believe in a preventative lifestyle and a holistic approach to health, and where the modern diet falls short in nourishing people with the nutrients they need, they provide the purest natural supplements for people, for ourselves, and for a healthier future.

For more information visit: www.puori.com


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