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Tia Clair Toomey Wins Madison Triplus Event at The CrossFit Games

CrossFit:”Australia’s @tiaclair1 sailed through the Madison Triplus, literally—25:35:01. The champ seems to be hitting her stride. Can the pack keep up?”


For time:

  • Swim 500 meters
  • Paddle 1,000 meters
  • Run 2,000 meters

Athletes will begin on the Lake Monona shoreline, enter the water and swim a 500-meter course, concluding back on land. They then will grab a paddleboard and paddle a 1,000-meter course. Finally, the athletes will exit the water and run 2,000 meters to the AEC, where they will cross the finish line.

Time cap: 40 minutes


Madison Triplus CrossFit Games 2018Source: CrossFit Inc
Madison Triplus CrossFit Games 2018



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