AWESOME TRANSFORMATIONS: Brooke Ence before CrossFit (plus 10 of her Workouts and Training Tips)


  • 3 position Power Clean
  • 3×2 – 50/55/60 %

Rest :90 between

  • 3 position Clean Pull
  • 3×2 – 65/70/75 %

Rest :90 between


7 rounds of:

  • 7 hang squat cleans 115/75#
  • 7 burpee over bar
  • Assault bike 10/6 cal

“Someone was on the bike , hence why I stopped after the burpees ?. But you get the idea”


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Ideal progression of the pull up:

  • Assisted strict pull up
  • Unassisted strict pull up

Then we add some “High Skill” progression of the pull up :

  • Kipping pull up
  • Butterfly pull up

Here is the thing about CrossFit, we have so many progressions and substitutions for both basic and high skill movements. I believe it is important to stress the basics and never hold someone back from a skill they really want to learn and perfect. No, crossfit is not all about kipping; yes we preach that “functional movements performed at high Intensity” is the quickest way to results.

However, there is always a bigger plan in mind than just the metabolic conditioning that you might see people posting.


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