Try this Deadlift Superset Workout from Brooke Wells

"Let me just warn ya, it is very deceiving! Trying to hop after heavy deads is NO joke, legs were jello"

“Wrapped up today’s training with this??”

  • 5 Supersets;
  • 6 DL @ 315#
  • 4 sets of 3 Hurdles Hops

Brooke Wells is coached by Ben Bergeron. This helpful video will help you to improve your technique:

6 Strong Tips To Improve Your Deadlift

Correctly performed Deadlifts are one of the most important exercises in the Crossfit Spectrum.

Properly done they will help you to build massive strength in your posterior chain and you will need that for all your weightlifting. It is also the exercise that allows your body to move the most possible weight. But as will every heavy lift, progress and avoiding injury lies in great technique.

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