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20 Brutal Chipper Workouts to Build Powerful Mental Toughness for CrossFit Athletes

Test your fitness!

Add these Brutal Chipper Workouts into your training if you want to become a fitter and stronger athlete. 

Sure, they generally have a ton of movements (not to mention reps), but the fact that you’re not stuck repeating rounds of movements can make pushing through those last few reps more doable. Tell yourself, “Just five more” (or 10 or 20), and then you’ll be onto the next movement, which will hopefully give your burning quads a rest before jumping right back into burpees.

If you feel the need for a good chipper, try these out. You can grab a friend for the extra long ones and turn them into partner workouts, or just grind through them on your own, confident you’ll be stronger in the end.


If you feel brave, choose a number between 1 and 20 first then click to that page to find out what your next workout will be. 

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