Brutal CrossFit Rowing Workouts to Build Mental Toughness and Conditioning

CrossFit Rowing Workouts are a great way to test and improve your mental fortitude, engine and ability to never give up. Mental strength is a skill that can be trained, so approach these CrossFit rowing workouts with that in mind. Not only will they help you to get significantly fitter, they will also help you to improve your mental toughness.


Firstly watch the video below to brush up on your rowing skills.

Now dive into the following CrossFit rowing workouts and choose a selection that you would like to add into your training.



  • 3 Rounds for Time
  • 500 meter Row
  • 400 meter Run

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Score is total time (including rest) it takes to complete all three rounds.

Strategy: Speed on both the row and the run are important, but since the row comes first, a good starting place for athletes is to row right around their 2k row pace per 500 meters. If they are comfortable running quickly under fatigue, aim to go a few seconds faster than that pace. Whenever we row in a workout, we have to take into account the difference a few seconds makes in the grand scheme of what other movements are included. For example, rowing at a 1:35 pace vs. a 1:40 pace per 500 only results in a 5 second difference, but is quite a bit more difficult in the effort it takes to complete. With the run to follow, we want to make sure we balance out these two movements. If going 5 seconds slower on the row means they can go 10 seconds faster on their run, they will have a better overall time. Both movements are meant to be fast each round, especially with the rest included, but finding this balance will results in the best possible scores for individuals.


  • For Time
  • 1,000 meter Row
  • 10 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
  • 750 meter Row
  • 10 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
  • 500 meter Row
  • 10 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
  • 250 meter Row
  • 10 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)


For Time (with a Partner)
2,000 meter Row
20 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
1,500 meter Row
20 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
1,000 meter Row
20 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)
500 meter Row
10 Ground-to-Overheads (135/95 lb)


AMRAP in 35 minutes

From 0:00-30:00, perform:

  • Max Calorie Row

Then, from 30:00-35:00, perform:

  • Max Toes-to-Bars


AMRAP in 35 minutes

From 0:00-30:00, perform:

  • Max Calorie Row

Then, from 30:00-35:00, perform:

  • Max V-Ups

crossfit rowing workoutsSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

ROW 500m x2

  • 2 Rounds for Time
  • 500 meter max effort Row
  • 90 seconds Rest

The row 500m x 2 has the athlete performing two max effort 500m rows with 90-second rest between each while staying on the erg during rest.


  • Max Distance in 60 minutes
  • Row

The 60 minute row is 60 minutes to accumulate max distance on the rower in meters.

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