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8 Functional Exercises to build a Solid Core & Abs of Steel


You can do these standing or seated. Take a kettlebell or a bumper plate and hold it out in front of your body. Take a deep breath and tighten your core. Then from your core, twist the weight to either side of you, and keep that tension. You can move the weight closer or further away from your body to make the movement more testing. Make sure you maintain total control over the weight at all times, as well as keeping your body tight.


To perform a seated barbell twist, first, sit on a flat bench with an unweighted barbell on your thighs. Grip the bar with your hands more than shoulder width apart. Lift the barbell over your head and place it behind your neck, resting on your shoulders. In a slow and controlled motion, move only your waist from side to side. This is a great way to warm up your core before you hit it with more testing exercises.


This is a perfect way to target your posterior chain. The narrative that runs through the majority of contemporary fitness information tells people that abs are the simulacrum for a healthy and fit core. As you already know, this isn’t true.  Your core is interconnected and involves many muscle groups working together to stabilise your body, control and generate force, and move objects (such as weights) through the full range of motion for a specific exercise.

A problem with this erroneous fitness narrative is that it completely ignores the vital role that the core plays in stabilizing your lower spine. If an individual neglects their lower back and core, in favour of the rectus adominis at the front, then this can have pretty bad consequences. Back extensions are a great way to fortify your lower back and core. They can be done on a GHD, on the floor (if you are just starting out) and even weighted to increase the level of difficulty. There are many variations to try as well, such as this mobility warm up from Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet.


Morning accessory work!!! Getting that back ready for the games!! And waking up those shoulders before doing some snatch! Thanks @fatlittleelbows for the help! Hope I did these right! #workhard #beproud … Appearance from @denthomas7 in the back lol

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