The NOBULL CrossFit Games 2021 – CrossFit Announces New Title Sponsor

NOBULL has agreed to fund the largest CrossFit Games prize purse in history.

The CrossFit Open: A Comprehensive Guide To Its Past, Present & Future

To make it to the CrossFit Games, you have to make it through The CrossFit Open first.

10 CrossFit Semifinal Events Announced: “Semifinals Are the New Regionals”

These 10 events across six continents have been selected by CrossFit to host the final stage of qualification to the CrossFit Games.

Mayan Classic and Madrid Championship Postponed

Both competitions have been prevented from hosting their inaugural events by the pandemic.

CrossFit Open Live Announcements Are Back for the 2021 Season

“We are excited to give you guys a show and to deliver you some fun and exciting tests with a little twist.”

West Coast Classic and Granite Games Officially Postponed

The two previous Sanctional events have faced complications through COVID-19 and haven’t set new dates yet.

How to Qualify to the 2021 CrossFit Games: Full Season Details Announced

Final details about the Semifinals and Last-Chance Qualifier have been released.

2021 CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals Questions Answered

Dave Castro, General Manager of Sport, answered questions about initial stages of the CrossFit Games season.

2021 CrossFit Games Dates Announced

The CrossFit Games are set to return to Madison for 2021.

Everything You Need to Know About the CrossFit Open New Adaptive Divisions

Adaptive athletes will be able to partake in the CrossFit Open for the first time this year.

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