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The CrossFit Open: A Comprehensive Guide To Its Past, Present & Future

To make it to the CrossFit Games, you have to make it through The CrossFit Open first.

Forget About Diets – Sustainability Is What Matters Most in Your Nutrition

Your nutritional approach should work for more than three months.

CrossFit And Age – How to Coach Older Athletes

When fitness training is synonym of perpetual improvement it’s hard to accept natural performance declines with age, but this shouldn’t stop Master athletes and their coaches on their athletic pursues.

Drugs in CrossFit® Part 1 – An Obsessed Athlete’s Story

The true story of why one anonymous athlete turned to performance enhancing drugs.

Everyday Racism and White Fragility in CrossFit® (OPINION)

An in-depth look into everyday racism and white fragility as experienced in the sport and brand of CrossFit.

CrossFit Will Die Without Major Changes — Five Steps it Should Take Going Forward (OPINION)

In the midst of all the backlash CrossFit HQ is currently facing, these are five action steps the company should take to save the brand.

Genetics in CrossFit – Does It Even Matter?

Certain genetic traits are favoured by certain sports, meaning that some people are off to a natural advantage. In some sports, this genetic ‘edge’ can be huge, but with CrossFit encompassing such a wide variety of movements, what role does genetics play in the sport?

Adversarial Growth Following a CrossFit Injury: A Guide for CrossFit Athletes

An in-depth look at the impact injuries have on CrossFit athletes and an exploration of how obstacles and difficulties can prove to be beneficial to an athlete’s career through adversarial growth.

Icelandic Young Guns – The Powers Brewing Below Household Names

Iceland is home to some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world and the next generation is successfully following in those footsteps.
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