What the New Age Group Qualification System Means for Top CrossFit Masters and Teens

With the number of age group athletes that advance through the season changed, participation numbers have roared on one side, but a few divisions have been left behind.

8 Fascinating Statistics From the 2021 CrossFit Open

What do the statistics from the 2021 CrossFit Open tell us?

How To Maintain a Fitness Discipline – 7 Tips from a Guy Who Wants to Do 1 Million Push-Ups In His Lifetime

Follow these 6 tips to teach your brain how to maintain a fitness discipline in the long run.

CrossFit Open 2021 Leaderboard: Toomey-Orr and Adler Take the Win

The three-week Open is up and the scores are final - find out who stands on the top following the worldwide competition.

Two CrossFit Semifinal Events Move Online, CrossFit Introduces Catchall Virtual Semifinal

COVID-related travel restrictions and regulations surrounding live events have forced two Semifinals to move to virtual competitions.

Josh Bridges And Jacob Heppner Announce Vegas Boxing Match

The fight will take place in Las Vegas in September.

Meet Aimee Cringle: CrossFit Athlete, Student Nurse and Rising Star in the UK Scene

At 21-years-old, Aimee is one of the fittest athletes in the UK and is hungry for more.

Jamie Simmonds Sidelined for 2021 Season

The 2019 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth will miss the 2021 CrossFit season due to injury.

CrossFit and Blood Clots: “It Helps A Lot,” Says Cardiologist

If you needed one more reason to work out harder, here is a good one.

Weathering the Storm: How CrossFit Benefitted From the Pandemic

Looking back over the past year, we can glean a good amount of positives which have helped shape the future of CrossFit for the better.
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