• Crossfit Naarden – Netherlands

    Crossfit Naarden – Netherlands

    Maxime Smakman, the box-owner of Crossfit Naarden, is giving us a little…

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  • CrossFit Hephaestus – Cyprus

    CrossFit Hephaestus – Cyprus

    Alejandro Sevillano, the box-owner of CrossFit Hephaestus, is giving us a little insight…

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  • Crossfit Crefeld – Germany

    Crossfit Crefeld – Germany

    Timm von den Busch, Peter Dortnbusch und Marvin Maxwell, the box-owners of…

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  • Crossfit 2725 – Portugal

    Crossfit 2725 – Portugal

    Paulo Cura, the box-owner of Crossfit 2725, is giving us a little…

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  • Crossfit Circus Maximus – Germany

    Crossfit Circus Maximus – Germany

    Cenk Kulenbs, the box-owner of Crossfit Circus Maximus, is giving us a…

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  • Crossfit 080 – Italy

    Crossfit 080 – Italy

    Stefano Petrillo and Giuseppe Ragone, the box-owners of Crossfit 080, are giving…

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  • Crossfit Northwest Paterna – Spain

    Crossfit Northwest Paterna – Spain

    Alberto Cortes and Gisela Garcia-Noblejas, the box-owners of CrossFit Northwest Paterna, are…

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  • Crossfit FRA – Germany

    Crossfit FRA – Germany

    Today our guests are Jaime Andrews and Philipp Imbusch, box-owners of CrossFit…

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  • FitnessArt Crossfit Box – Greece

    FitnessArt Crossfit Box – Greece

    Dimitris Moros, the box-owner of FitnessArt Crossfit Box, is giving us a…

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  • Crossfit Petah Tikva – Israel

    Crossfit Petah Tikva – Israel

    Doron Pryluk, the box-owner of Crossfit Petah Tikva, is giving us a…

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