15 Crossfit Quotes to Motivate you for your Next WOD!

A little motivation can take you a long way. Save these quotes, share them with your friends, and use each one to fire you up when you need to get in the zone before your next WOD!

10 Reasons why Visualisation Techniques will make you a Better Crossfitter

Before any lift, or workout, it helps if you have performed it many times before. In Crossfit, when focus is vital and workouts are revealed last minute, visualisation helps to focus your mindset, create familiarity in the unexpected, and enable you to perform to the best of your abilities.

5 Ways to Train for a Winning Crossfit Mindset

Self doubt affects us all. These 5 tips will help you to stay positive during training and competitions, and turn you into an unstoppable Crossfitter.

Crossfit Motivation: Never Give Up – Just Don’t!

The only way you can be sure of never achieving your goal is by giving up on it. Keep working, stay dedicated and you will find a way to make it happen.

The Open: Lessons Learned from my own Mistakes

It takes heart and humility to accept the bitter lessons that we all learn from our mistakes. In the spirit of honesty, here’s what I learnt from my first Open last year, so that it can help you now.

Is Your Mind Fit for the Open?

Take some time to hook yourself up with the best mental attitude for the Open this year. Pick things that work for you. Test them out. After all, mental preparation is similar to physical training in that it is all about the beautiful journey of self-discovery.

4 Ways Crossfit Makes us Mentally Stronger Individuals

Crossfit is a great way to lose weight and acquire a fit body whilst sharing the workouts with an awe-inspiring community. But Crossfit does more, it also transforms a person on the inside.

8 Reasons Why Crossfit is Great Therapy

We all do it, and love it, for different reasons, but there are some motivations that unite us all. Why is the Barbell and the Box such perfect therapy?

Smash your Crossfit Goals through Long-Term Thinking

Highly successful people tend to have the ability to think and plan many years into the future. This type of thinking can be applied to your Crossfit goals with powerful results.

Chuck Norris Crossfit Meme Motivation

Thinking about skipping a Crossfit WOD today? Or perhaps you might give those burpees and thrusters a miss? Well, Chuck Norris has a few words for you! Here’s some inspiration from the man who can slam a revolving door.

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