Celebrate the Open 2017 with these special rewards

We are in the final stage of the 2017 Open which have been anew concatenation of spectacle. For all of you frontrunners, conquerors of your weaker self, rookies and masters, BOXROX has buckled down to bring you these special OPEN Deals.

 BOXROX presents you the 2017 Open Deals

Power the Revolution — 10% OFF all Velites Sport orders. Enter ‘FIRE10’ at checkout

Velites Sport best jump rope


Chestee in Europe — Get the revolutionary sports bra exclusively at CrossBerlin

Female athlete sports bra chestee


Take care of your hands — w.o.d. welder has 20% OFF all products with code ‘OPEN17’

w.o.d. welder skin hand care product


Lift like Rich — The Rehband Rich Froning Collection, Knee Support in 3, 5 and 7mm

Rehband Rich Froning Collection Rogue US Knee Sleve


GymPro Supps aus Hamburg – Für Dich gemacht. Mach was draus.

GymPro supplements workoutwater bcaa


Performs in perfect sync with your body – Barbell Apparel offers you $25 OFF

Barbell Apparel Athletic Fit Denim


Gain healthier, without additives – ORGAINIC gives 20% OFF with code ‘gainhealthy’

Orgainic Bio Whey Protein supplement


Northern Spirit – Get 10% OFF all orders with the code ‘BOXROX’

Northern Spirit fitness apparel


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