10 Celebrities That Do CrossFit

CrossFit has a large number of celebrity advocates. Find out who they are, and which one of them posted ‘OK Crossfit killed me. I can barely walk. I’M DYING!!!!’ on fb after a Wod.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is renowned for his roles in Batman, Warrior and for accompanying Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant amongst many others. He is also a great fan of CrossFit. He used it to get into shape for the 2011 MMA movie Warrior. 

Matt Evans, his CrossFit trainer, gives him full credit. “The hard work, focus, and versatility you see in Tom’s acting are mirrored in his training.” On set, Hardy works out using a Tactical Gym Box—a jungle gym with stations for dips, pullups, and suspension exercises. In one of his favorite workouts, he does 3 rounds of this circuit in under 12 minutes: (1) 500-meter row, (2) 24 kettlebell swings, and (3) 12 pullups.

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