10 Celebrities That Do CrossFit

CrossFit has a large number of celebrity advocates. Find out who they are, and which one of them posted ‘OK Crossfit killed me. I can barely walk. I’M DYING!!!!’ on fb after a Wod.

Chelsea Dubczak

A contestant of Miss America 2018 seemed to be at home in lifestyle and fitness part of competing. CrossFit is what makes her feel self-confident. Dubczak was excited to show up on the stage in her swimsuit. “This is my lifestyle — I haven’t changed my workout, my diet, this is how I am,” said Dubczak, who is a Crossfit enthusiast. She encourages women to do what makes them feel strong, healthy, invincible and limitless.

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Why is your platform important: •"I'm a lady who lifts because I like feeling strong. I feel empowered when I push my body to do something I didn't think it could." •"Because I'm a lady who lifts, I can keep up with my kids." •"The world always told me that I needed to be skinny, wear a certain size, and be weaker than my man. Ladies Who Lift told me the truth." •"Ladies Who Lift is important because, for the first time in my life, I am proud of my body, and finally have a healthy relationship with it." Excuse me while I ugly cry proud momma tears… Actual quotes from actual clients of mine who believe in the power of #LadiesWhoLift It's about quality of life. Leave a comment and tell me, what makes you feel strong and empowered?! #missmetro2017 #missiowa2017 #strongisbeautiful

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WOD with squats, wall balls and more.

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