CrossFit Central Regionals 2017 – Recap of The Action

Another thrilling Weekend is over. The Central Regionals promised a spectacle and kept it´s promise!

The Central Regionals begun with a list of Big Names. But a look at the final results surprises with the miss from many of these big names. With Paul Castillo and Streat Hoerner we have a tie for 1st place and two Games Rookies. Last year 15th respectively 21th at the Regionals we are exited where the journey will lead them to this year.

With Scott Panchik and Alex Anderson we have Games Veterans on 3 and 4 and Zak Carchedi on 5 will go to his second Games.
But even more fascinating than who made it is who made it not.

Alongside Sam Dancer and Graham Holmberg, there are 4 Withdrawals

  • Matt Rattay
  • Kevin Schuetz
  • Nicholas Urankar
  • Dan Bailey

Moment of the Weekend

Saxon Panchik and his older Brother Scott made Event 5 into a family affair. 1st and 2nd place for the brothers allowed the younger Panchik to welcome his brother at the finish line.


With 3 Event wins and always finishing within the top 4, Sara Sigmundsdottir dominated the Central Regionals in her first appearance. Alongside Kristi Eramo, Stacie Tovar, Brooke Wells and Jessica Griffith, we will see some well-known faces at the Games.

Also the Woman Division has to register two withdraws. Jessica Schwarz and Taylor Streid weren´t able to finish the Competition due to injury.

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