BOXROX Showdown

The BOXROX Showdown – Start 2021 With A Success!

Three workouts. Many prizes. One community.

January 22 – February 5

Be part of the BOXROX Showdown, a unique online fitness competition for everyone who likes a challenge.

Challenge your friends and compete against the world, watch yourself climb up or down the leaderboard and interact with other’s workouts.

The BOXROX Showdown brings you fifteen days of competition, three fun workouts and exciting prizes with a combined worth of up to $400!

To ensure everybody can compete, we designed all workouts to be easily performed from home (or anywhere else) with minimal equipment, so there’s no excuse not to join.

All you’ll need is a small place to work out, a jump rope and somewhere to jump up to.

You’ll have five days to complete every workout and submit your scores, and you can try every workout as many times as you want within that time window in an attempt to improve your score.

Now is the perfect time to sign up to an online fitness competition - start 2021 with a success!

Time to compete!

Entry price - $10.00

Join now!

BOXROX Showdown Workouts

  • Workout 1: BOXROX Burpee Galore – starts January 22
  • Workout 2: BOXROX Box Jump Bash – starts January 27
  • Workout 3: BOXROX Double Under Dare – starts February 1

Scores for each workout are to be uploaded by January 26, 31 and February 5.

Prizes will be given to the top male and female athletes in every workout, as well as the overall winners. Some prizes will also be given out at random, so everyone has a chance to win!

The BOXROX Showdown is powered by:

Sign ups will stay open throughout the competition, but if you miss a workout you’ll forfeit your chances of becoming the overall winner.

The BOXROX Showdown is powered by ChallengeMe Training. After signing up, you’ll receive an email to download their app. This is where you’ll find the workout details, upload your results, and will be able to interact with others competing.

Challenge your friends

With ChallengeMe’s exciting interactive leaderboard, you’re able to watch your friends compete – and judge them if you want. Give kudos to incredible efforts and downvote sketchy attempts. You can also leave comments on anyone’s try, just be nice.

Refer a friend and get a free 3-month BOXROX Pro membership! *

Uploading videos of your attempts keeps everyone accountable and it’s a great way to interact with the community. For obvious reasons, only workouts with a video (time-lapse allowed) will be eligible for prizes.

Join the Big BOXROX Showdown for $10 now! Scaled and RX BOXROX Pro members get free entry (just email or keep your eyes out for an email in early January).


Competition entries are final, non-transferrable and non-refundable.

* We will email you your subscription details once your friend has signed up.