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Change This for That – A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Healthier

5 – Potatoes

PotatoesSource: Unsplash

Why should you change it?

Potatoes are not all bad, but they have little protein and are digested rapidly by the body, making people hungry again soon after eating them. If you are preparing for a competition, potatoes are a good ally, since it provides energy fairly quickly.

That said, these root vegetables should not be seen as a proper vegetable on your plate, but more like a carbohydrate and, as such, should substitute other carbs in your diet, instead of adding to it.

Essentially, don’t trade your carrot for a potato.

Ultimately, one medium potato (148 grams) has 110 calories, of which none is fat or sodium, and only 3g is of protein, while 2g is fibre. Normal potatoes are also not recommended for people with diabetes.

Change for sweet potato. The “cousin” sweet potato has an incredibly higher concentration of vitamin A and C, they have a lower glycemic index, which keeps you satiated for longer, and have more antioxidants, protecting body cells against oxidative stress.

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