Chipper Kettlebell Workouts Every CrossFit Athlete Needs to Try

Chipper Kettlebell workouts will test your mental game, endurance and strength. Kettlebells are known for bridging the gap between strength work and stamina; their constantly changing centre of gravity replicates the forces that you’d encounter in day-to-day life.

The chipper format is one of the most popular structures in CrossFit training. The aim of these workouts is to make you reach fatigue in one task, then switch up the demands and keep going. There is a cumulative effect in chipper workouts of course, yet the variety allows for an incredibly high metabolic demand.

The variety also balances competition between athletes, as people naturally have strengths and weaknesses. When a workout features more than three or four movements, both are likely to come up.

Movements in every chipper workout are made intense by pace, load, reps or the combination of them. Ideally, the first round will be hard but possible, moving on to the subsequent rounds will usually require pacing, rest, and breaking the task up into manageable efforts.

How hard are you willing to push it with these chipper kettlebell workouts?


For time:

  • 4km assault bike
  • 50 box jump overs (24”/20”)
  • 2km row
  • 50 kettlebell swings (24/16kg)
  • 1-mile run

Time cap:

Like with every other exercise technique comes first to assure you to train the right muscles and avoid injuries especially in the lower back section.

Here are five ways to improve your American kettlebell swing – the perfect exercise to train the complete posterior chain, strengthen your posture and work on your overall strength and conditioning.

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