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Chipper Kettlebell Workouts Every CrossFit Athlete Needs to Try

WOD 4 – Chipper Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Karen

For time:

  • 150 kettlebell thrusters

This WOD is a spinoff version of the benchmark CrossFit Girl Karen. Don’t be fooled, as this kettlebell variation is equally as brutal.

Complete the reps as fast as possible. Another variation of this workout is performing kettlebell swings.


For time:

  • 50 deadlifts
  • 50 KB front rack walking lunges
  • 40 back squats
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 30 hang power cleans
  • 30 box jumps
  • 20 kettlebell overhead squats
  • 20 kettlebell thrusters
  • 100 double-unders

This workout is sure to leave your legs trembling, so we have left the prescribed weights empty for you to choose.

chipper kettlebell workoutsSource: RX'd Photography
Kettlebell workout time!

WOD 6 – Chipper Kettlebell Workouts

For time, four rounds of:

  • 20 alternating kettlebell snatches
  • 15 kettlebell thrusters

Time cap: 25 minutes

Gensan Italian Showdown 2017 Kettlebell exercisesSource: Gensan Italian Showdown
Test your limits

While this workout doesn’t necessarily test strength, a lot of stamina will be required. Both movements focus on the whole body and the kettlebell snatches will especially strengthen the lower back, shoulders and hip flexors.

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