Clarence Kennedy Tutorial – How to Clean and Jerk

A complete breakdown of The Clean and Jerk as taught by Irish lifting legend Clarence Kennedy.

Irish Lifter Clarence Kennedy weighs around 100kg. Here are his stats:

  • 185kg Snatch
  • 220kg Clean and Jerk
  • 225kg Clean
  • 300kg Pause Squat
  • 340kg Deadlift

Exact breakdown of each different component of the Clean and Jerk

01:01 – What is the Clean and Jerk

01:14 – Front Rack Position

02:24 – The Front Squat

03:42 – Muscle Clean

04:17 – Extension

04:46 – Rack Drill

05:11 – Hang Power Clean

05:46 – Hang Full Clean

06:17 – Power Clean

06:55 – Full Clean from the floor

07:43 – Preparation for the Jerk

08:26 – Strict Press

09:11 – Split position explained

09:44 – Recovery from split position

10:13 – Press in Split

10:48 – Jerk Balance

11:32 – Push Press (and dip and drive)

12:44 – Power Jerk

13:12 – Split Jerk

13:49 – Clean and Jerk

If you liked this tutorial and found it useful, check out his video on the Snatch:

Clarence Kennedy Tutorial – How To Snatch


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