Combat COVID – 5 Tips to Stay Motivated when Training at Home

Motivation and adherence to a training regimen is an ever-present issue within sports. Sometimes it is easier to follow your training program, sometimes harder. With the Coronavirus spreading all over the world, gyms closing, and us being restricted by being locked up in our homes, it is definitely difficult and only natural to lose one’s motivation to train at home. Even though home workouts on the internet are not necessarily sparse these days, and CrossFit Boxes and Gyms do their best to offer people a variety of exercises and workouts, I bet it is still difficult to adhere to a training regime.

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Set your own goals

Today, I want to offer you some tips to keep yourself physically active and motivated while at home:


First of all, before you start thinking about starting a workout, think about creating a schedule, in which you embed your workout. Just as you would train at a specific time in your box (maybe early in the morning, maybe after work), keep a schedule that will tell you, when you will train.


Now, if you are one of those people, who have a home gym or enough equipment (barbells, different weights, and even a cardio erg), it is probably a little bit easier to train for you, as you have more options. But for those out there (and I assume that is the majority of people) who have limited or no equipment at all, doing a series of bodyweight workouts alone in your living room, day in day out, might get frustrating. I suggest, you start taking part in online sessions (which most boxes are offering), so you can feel part of a group again. It’s one reason, CrossFit communities are so strong. Working out in groups is always uplifting and spurs our motivation to come back the next day!


These days, new training-related challenges start every day on social media… and it’s a good thing they do! Challenges can keep your motivation elevated, as they put you in a group of people (here it is…the word group again!) who share your interests. You don’t want to disappoint your peers or yourself by giving up or ignoring the challenge, so this might be just what you need to get off of your sofa and into your training clothes.


One way to motivate yourself and keep training is by being creative with the things you have at home. So, if you don’t have a dumbbell or kettlebell, use your imagination to find something in your home that can act as a weight. There is no limit to what you can incorporate into your workout (always within reason though!). Use water bottles, books, chairs, a backpack…even your partner to do your heavy lifting!

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Even in this crisis, even with your normal schedule thrown out the window, you should still set personal, relevant goals that will motivate you. Maybe you can aim at achieving your first strict Handstand Pushup, maybe your first Pistol Squat. Whatever it is, I suggest you set a goal (sports related in this matter) and go for it. One piece of advice though: set your Goals (e.g. one/five/ten/twenty Handstand Pushups) but focus on the Process (e.g. working on the technique, going through the scaling options leading up to HSPU etc.). The results will come eventually, if you direct your attention to what you can work on and achieve right now. This way, you will have some success, some joyful moments along your journey!

I know this phase we are going through is difficult to deal with, bringing with itself other kinds of challenges. However, we have it in ourselves to make the best out of this situation and, as far as sports and training are concerned, we do have alternatives to keep us fit. We just have to create the right kind of circumstances for ourselves to start motivating ourselves.

Stay home, stay healthy and keep up the good work!

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