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11 Common CrossFit Workouts (with Tactics to Crush Them!)


The workout arrangement with the reps of 21-15-9 is always fun, never too long.

One of my favorite combination for this type of workout I did recently.

  • Bodyweight Deadlift
  • Box jumps
  • Handstand pushups

The box jumps are the rest. Handstand pushups are the fun part and the deadlift the heavy one. The time cap we got was 15 minutes.

Before we started I thought I wouldn´t be able to finish on time. But I finished with a big smile with at least 2 minutes to spare, as I´ve said, I often fail to look at the clock.

For some exercises 21 is a high number of reps. If the weight is heavy I go for fewer reps at a time and shorter brakes instead. For the first 21 I either use 11-10 or 8-7-6. Or even use the multiplication table and do 7-7-7, then 5-5-5 with the 15 or the better version 8-7 and end with 3-3-3 or 5-4.

But often I do the last round of 9 unbroken. Cause after you´ve already done 36 reps, 9 more aren´t that bad.

Common CrossFit workouts – Even though I have theses numbers prepared in my head before I start, they don´t control how I break. That is just if the weight is too heavy to proceed. But I still think of the number in my head and use it to count, like I start with one box jump, then count up to 8, then the next jump I don’t say 9, but 7. So after I´ve counted the half way up, I start counting down.


Even though I am fond of the handstand push up, I do not excel at it, I keep falling down. I go in with my number plan but then fall down in the middle of my counting. So movements like that don’t fit very well in with exercises that you often have a no rep in, but can use as a guideline of how far you have come.

I really like the more complex movements as the handstand push ups and muscle ups, that are body weight but still harder than the usual air squat or sit ups.

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