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11 Common CrossFit Workouts (with Tactics to Crush Them!)

Fight Gone Bad

This is a wod that I´ve done a couple of times and I sincerely hate from the bottom of my heart.

It does not take a long time to finish, it is only 15 minutes of work. But you have to do as many reps as you possibly can. And each rep counts. In the end of your 15 minute that rep count is your grade. The next time you have to do better, have more reps.

Basically the fight gone bad is like this

One minute for every exercise, three rounds

  • Wall balls 14/20 lbs
  • Sumo deadlift high pull 34/25 kg
  • Box jump 50 cm
  • Push press 34/25 kg
  • Row, count the calories.
  • Rest.

Common CrossFit workouts – This makes me so stressed, will I do more reps now than the last time, will all of the other people get more than me?

So I always burn myself with trying too hard and literally die in the end.

Some guys have it figured out, they just decide a number beforehand, like 25-30 reps for wall balls, and after that they just stop and rest until the next minute. And go on like this, they don´t get as exhausted as me, and often even get higher number, because the exhausted me can´t go on.

Other method is just doing as much as you can, but only for 50 seconds, so they´ll always get 10 sec rest in between.

Everyone has their favorite movements and least favorite. It does not help fgb, in my case, that it has wall balls, that kill me every time, might have something to do with my height. The sumo dead lift high pull is not an exercise that we used to do often with a barbell but with a kettlebell. So this was a struggle for me, but my goal was to do 5 at a time, drop the bar and try to pick it up as soon as I could and do 5 more. Never more than 5 so I wouldn´t kill myself in the second exercise.

Box jump is something that scare me if I have to go fast or too high, so that one minute I just try to keep a steady but rather fast pace, while keeping in mind to hit the right place on top and step down on alternating legs.

The push press is my favorite movement of fgb. My shoulders and upper part is my stronger part. So I try to go all out and to at least 10 at a time, then a little rest cause the body has started to get tired after all that has been going on. This is the one I always get higher number in the next rounds.

As I´ve previously said, rowing is not my favorite, so I usually go too hard in there and almost give up after 40 seconds. Then try to keep some pace, which is not a good one for the next 20 seconds.

After one round I use almost the whole resting minute lying on the floor trying to catch my breath.

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