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11 Common CrossFit Workouts (with Tactics to Crush Them!)

The workout that killed me

Common CrossFit workouts – It is short description but not a short workout

  • 30 man makers 20/12.5 dumbbells
  • 5 power cleans 60/40 every minute

So when the clocks rings you start doing 5 power cleans then start the man makers and when the minute sets in, do 5 more power cleans before continuing with the fun man-makers.

The power cleans take so much time, the first  two rounds I did them unbroken. Then started to drop the bar in between reps. I only managed to do around 5 man makers every minute, some minutes I didn´t even do one man maker, then straight to the cleans again.


Later I learned that if I didn´t do any man maker, I could skip the clean the next minute, cause I should not to 10 cleans in a row. Also I must confess that twice I rested for a whole minute. The clock rang for the cleans and I stood up to clean but then just sat down for the whole minute. The two minutes were not in a row.

The time cap was 20 minutes, and I did not get that, but I still finished my man makers by minute 21. Probably owing about 10 cleans at least.

After this workout I could not stand or talk, just lay on the floor of the box for a couple of minutes.

I actually like both of these exercises but I must have been tired that day, but it totally wore me down.

With exercises that have a high number of reps, it is essential to plan ahead. Maybe the plan will fail cause your body is too tired that day, or perhaps your body is totally up for it and exceeds the original plan.

Common CrossFit Workouts – Each man maker takes a bit of time, so my goal was to do 5 in each power clean frame, but failed hard.

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