Community and Friendship: CrossFit Lutèce, Paris

"A real community and friendship were born before we even had a real place for the box."

CrossFit Lutèce started outdoors with friends training together. After one year it grew up to a strong community and became the third official affiliate in Paris.


Short Facts

Name: CrossFit Lutèce
Address: 4 rue Jules Simon, 75015 Paris, France
BOX-Owner: Antoine Escrivant
Open since: 15th October, 2014

Box chat:

How did you come to Crossfit?

In 2011, there was only one box in Paris. But then I met Joachim Marty, a trumpeter that transmitted me his new hobby, his new passion: Crossfit. His dream was to open his own box, but at that time he didn’t have all the skills necessary to achieve this goal. As a personal coach I joined him in this adventure and helped him to open the second box in Paris. CrossFit Original Addicts saw the light of the day in 2012.

Why did you open your own box?

One year later Crossfit became literally “a drug” for me. So I decided to launch my own project in the middle of 2013. We started with a small Facebook group, and once a week some guys joined us to train together outdoors in the Bois de Boulogne.

Time passed and the group grew up to 800 members in just one year. We organized sessions twice a day, every day of the week. A real community and friendship were born before we even had a real place for the box.

We finally accomplished this goal a few months later and today here we are! CrossFit Lutèce is the third box in Paris and thanks to its members also has a strong community.


Why exactly should I join your box? What makes it stand out from others?

Because of our members who helped us with with the beginnings. They made the opening of this box a wonderful adventure and we are really thankful to them.

But there are two other reasons why you should join us: first, you should try every box in the city you travel in. And I think the major advantage we have is our community. We’ve given our members the opportunity to join and now thanks to them we are who we are. You should definitely meet them and discover the atmosphere in our box!


How does your member structure look like?

There are currently around 100 members in our box, almost 2/3 are guys and 1/3 are female. They are between 25 and 35 years old and there’s almost 10 competitive athletes.

Do you have additional training possibilities?

We offer mobility, weightlifting courses and personal training.

Do you consult your members in nutrition questions?

We offer our members nutritional seminars in a partnership with a specialized company.


If I start as a beginner – how does my training in the first month look like?

The same as if you weren’t a beginner. All new members train with the existing ones. The coach will pay attention to you particularly, but we want our new members to integrate quickly into our community.

Do you organize any internal or open competitions?

We participate in open competitions. For example we joined the RxIt last month. We haven’t organized any internal competition yet.

Do you have links to other boxes?

We’re kind of close to CrossFit Original Addicts. We wouldn’t exist without them.

Can I drop in if I am passing your city? Who do I have to contact?

Sure. We would be upset if you wouldn’t. Don’t hesitate to contact Antoine: or +33 6 18 95 43 70.


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