19 Dec 15



1000 Ton Clean

Start date
19 December 2015
Start time
End date
19 December 2015
End time

About the event

Dear Community,

We, Reebok Crossfit EKB based in Ekaterinburg (Russia), have a special tradition to celebrate New Year and Xmas with a great challenge.
In 2013, our box did deadlifts with 5 barbells of various weights (from 30 up to 120 kg), trying to gain max weight in sum during one hour.
In 2014, we organized the same Challenge with thrusters (7 barbells from 20 up to 80 kg) during one hour.

Many athletes from Russian boxes and boxes of neighboring countries joined us in this event to smash the barbell with one big bang. That was a really breathtaking moment!
We are planning to continue this tradition this year and to finish 2015 with a great hit, and we want the entire World to join us!
And at the end of this year we’re going to have our favourite Great Cleans!


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