07 Nov 15



2-Day Athlete Development Camp

Start date
07 November 2015
Start time
End date
08 November 2015
End time

About the event

Over the course of the camp you will have 14 hrs to train, learn and interact with coaches and fellow athletes. There will be breakout sessions where we will educate you about your results and how to interpret the data that we gather.

You will learn:
• why testing for CF competitors needs to be specific, and not random, in order to accurately assess an individual’s abilities
• what should be involved in a well-balanced program
• how to effectively structure a week of training for yourself
• your individual weaknesses and how to start addressing them
• how you compare to other athletes at Regionals and Games level
• the importance of structural balance and how it relates to program design
• each biochemical energy system and how they impact on program design

Based on your results, you will understand if your lifts are balanced relative to one another or if you have an area of opportunity. You will understand what is required to get your gymnastic capabilities to where you want them to be. You will also understand what makes the best fitness related work capacity, why certain individuals seem to make it “look easy”, why certain individuals are able to recover faster than others and much more.
• Based on your abilities and/or deficiencies, we can recommend and discuss ways you should go about training to improve those areas.
• Are some of your deficiencies structural and/or mechanical in nature or are they strength and/or stamina related?
• Each type of deficiency may require a unique time line of training to make noticeable improvements.
• Each type of deficiency may require a unique frequency of training to make noticeable improvements.
• We can help you understand what may be the most efficient route for you as we have guided hundreds of other fitness athletes over the years.


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